RoboFisher can be easily handled and you will learn quickly how to use it.


1. Robofisher is a Robot - Rod which can be handled from a distance and has the ability to catch fishes. RoboFishers are installed at the fishing places and can be managed by you online from any internet connection device. Each RoboFisher has 5 rods but only one is active at one two lakes are available for fishing. You can fish carps, trouts, pikeperches. In order to fish you shall buy a fishing session. There are a few types of fishing sessions available which differ by duration and number of provided rods.

2. Select a lake, select a product, select convenient time for fishing. Buy a fishing session and enter into the panel of Robofisher Entertainment Manager when this session starts. You manage the RoboFisher in the following way:

·       You have two cameras. The view can be changed by pushing either Camera 1 (view from the Robofisher downwords) or Camera 2 (a general view). Select the view, you can change it at any time.

·       Move the hook trolley horizontally along the RoboFisher forwards /backwards by using the arrows and select a position you like in order to start fishing.We recommend you to move the trolley maximum forwards.

·       Move the bobber image on the screen, pull it down and watch in the camera when bobber reaches the water. You shall continue dip the hook into water - RoboFisher allows you to have control over the hook position. By moving bobber up and down on the screen you can select the hook position - from water surface to lake bottom. Some fishes are better to catch closer to the surface, some - closer or on the bottom. Each fisher gets its own experience on how to manage this in the best way possible.

·       Wait until the fish takes the bait. If you think it is time for hooking, go ahead and try. There are two ways for hooking: either move the hook up (about 1/4 of the length of fishing line) or by pressing the button Hooking - this is an attempt for hooking through horizontal move of the trolley. If no success - repeat the process, earlier or latter you will cath the fish.

·       If you catch a fish, then press the RELEASE FISH button - this will move the hook and the trolley to the initial position – then the fish will automatically be released into the fish well.

Then move to the next Rod. If you go to the next Rod you cannot return to the previous one. You have a certain number of rods available - depending on the product you purchase. You can use all of them or only a few ones - it is your choice how many to use. Lucky fishers catch a fish with each rod, but it seldom happens. Don't worry if it is not your lucky day and you catch nothing - it happens rarely in our lakes but pretty often every day with millions of fishers fishing all around the world.

·       End the session if you have used all the rods or if you get tired of fishing by pressing the CLOSE button.


Remember: You should take care of the RoboFisher - don't move the trolley and hook randomly without reason. Fishing, like any other activity, requires experience for performance. The more experience you will get with Robofisher, the more successful you will be.

Remember: You buy a fishing session and not a certain number of roads. It is up to you how many rods you will use during a fishing session. The fishing is entire on your risk - we cannot guarantee you optimal weather conditions, catching fish or perfect functionality of the equipment. It is like in traditional fishing, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not. Sometimes the weather conditions are sub-optimal like too much heat or cold. Sometimes there simply is no fish. What we can guarantee are strong emotions and a great experience – sometimes like in real life or in traditional fishing. At the same time it is completely different. Enjoy it!


We have already 2 fishing places, and soon the others will come, plenty of fish of course.